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The Library

In order to facilitate study and to deepen the understanding of Sacred Scripture, with special attention to the Sermon of the Mount, there is a very modern computerized library for biblical studies.

Sanctuary of the Word

santuarioA characteristic element of this building is the Sanctuary of the Word, which will be useful to those who will go to this house to scrutinize the Scriptures, in a prayerful and contemplative atmosphere. In the area of this Sanctuary, there are 80 thrones. At the end of the wall there will be a Tabernacle, designed with two levels: one has the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, and the other has the presence of the Sacred Scripture (see Dei Verbum which invites to venerate the Scripture. [1]. Both presences, -Blessed Sacrament and Word- kept in the Tabernacle are like a door opened in the wall of death which surrounds the life of every man. In front of the Tabernacle there are three arches, to recall the Trinity. The modern stained-glass windows of the Sanctuary, brightly colored, remind us of the Creation and the Garden of Eden, where man walked and dialogued with God.


The complex includes also a Church for Eucharistic celebrations and a Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament surmounted by a stylish chalice which refers to the passion of Christ [2]


[1] - Dei Verbum, N.21
[2] - "Abba Father, if it is possible take this cup away from me, but let it be done not according to my will but to your will".  (Matthew 26,39).